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Best 10 ways to become a stylish man bangla ll Men’s style guide bangla
Are you trying to imitate the style of your favorite star? Then you’re on the wrong track! You can present yourself as smart and stylish in a lot less than that. With just 10 rules you can become more attractive. Here are 10 aspects of man’s style:
👟Costs for shoes:
Many people who look at the first look at the shoes. So keeping the face beautiful, shoes should be shiny as well. You might choose simple shoes with a costly suit in a job interview, then whole garment will be shattered.
💇Special care for hair:
The hair gives a different dimension to the man’s style. Men’s hairstyles can easily change their entire look. That does not mean you have to trim the hair frequently. If your hair increases in a few days, you can truncate it once a month and a half. Trimmed will look good if you can increase your budget. But understand the shape of the face and cut hair, it will look stylish.
💪Regular body exercises:
Excess weight of the body will lose your style and lifestyle. Besides, it is very necessary to exercise in order to keep body and face clean. If you have extra weight, then wearing any good clothes will not look attractive. So exercise yourself daily and keep balanced diet.
☑Good quality underwear:
Many of people do not care about this issue. But a good quality underwear works to increase your self-confidence. The underwear will work as a tonic for you to stay relax all day long. Whether in the office or in invitation, choose your inner clothes to be clean and comfortable like the outer garment. Buy new underwear or socks after six months after using.
👕Tidy clothes and accessories:
Many people have a misconception that to be stylish, you have to wear new and expensive clothes every day. There is no problem If you wear the same suit again and again. It will be ok if it is just keep neat and clean. So if you do not wash your clothes today and wear it again in the next day, then your style will be flop. After washing clothes, get dry and iron. Also keep in mind how to wear pants or shoes with shirts. Your style and personality will depend on where and how you use your sunglass, watch, belt and tie.
✂ The knowledge of the tailor itself also needs to be:
If you want to be stylish, it is important to have a little bit knowledge about measurement of dress, color and design. Very few men touch their hands in right shelf in fashion house. Before buying, you can choose the right dress, if you have it in mind, what is the current fashion with clothing stitches, colors, designs. If necessary, you should choose a suitable clothing by talking to an expert or designer.
✔Keep some cosmetics in the collection:
You have to see yourself by wake up every morning. At the beginning of the day, a fresh look can make your mind better. That’s why you need conscious to care your skin and hair. Those who shave, do it in the morning. In that case, you can use good quality razors, foam or gel, after shave lotion. Besides using facials and shampoo, the face and hair will be fresh. If you put small-large beard on your face, then chop it regularly.
☺Confidence is very important:
As long as you do not have confidence in yourself, you will not be able to represent yourself completely as stylish. Frustration will never make you look attractive. So try to have full confidence in yourself and that impression will also appear on your face.
👀Keep an eye on yourself:
You have to have eyes to look at yourself. Especially after you have been ready to go out, take a look at yourself. Whether the shirt’s buttons are fine or not. Does the pants zipper have been fitted properly or not, do not wear dust in the shoes? Keep it in mind those things also when you are in chat with your friends. Once you reach the destination, go to the washroom and ‘check’.
☂ Take umbrella with the understand of weather:
Come out with a great outfit and suddenly started rain. If you do not have an umbrella, then what to do, run the race! Those who were looking at you a little earlier, they could laugh at your sadness. So keep an umbrella on bad weather or handkerchief in hot day. These are very useful for stylish men.
In total, combine your taste with yourself. You will look stylish. It may not always be expensive clothing or anything else.

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