The Brief from Asos: To find a new way of presenting inspirational fashion to 20+ year olds.

My initial thought when tackling this brief was ‘what thoughts cross a 20 year old when they wake up in the morning?’

From here my research took me to these few questions; can I have an extra few minutes in bed? What am I doing today? What is the weather like? What am I going to wear? With all these questions I began to come up with a solution that could be solved within a single app, targeted at the female demographic, which could evolve to include men too eventually.

The majority of people have an alarm in the morning, so I thought the perfect daily app should feature an alarm. To make this have more meaning, I have integrated the weather of the user’s location – this way they do not have to get out of bed to check out the window to decide on what to wear. The next step is what the users plans are for the day ahead. The calendar of events pops up after the alarm is deactivated, which is linked to the events calendar on the user’s smart phone. The calendar is categorised into a daily, weekly and 30 day agenda. The
user also has the opportunity to add an event to the agenda through the calendar or events. Once an event has been chosen, the weather forecast will be revealed for that location (the postcode for the location of an event will need to be saved into the calendar) – giving the user an insight into what they can expect to wear. After the weather is revealed, a number of ‘occasions’ will appear to determine the preferred dress-code. These are: holiday, smart, party, smart cas, gym and everyday (these will be eventually expanded).

I took inspiration from classic retro signs which influenced me to use big bold arrows for the app navigation – the idea is to swipe along the shape of the arrow to make a selection. Once the occasion has been decided, there is the option to shop in store (shop inspiration from asos) or shop at home (outfits you already own) to choose an outfit.

If ‘at home’ is selected the app refines what the user has previously bought (the user can upload photographs of items of clothing from their own wardrobe too). There will then be a selection of outfits that are suitable for the weather and occasion that can be scrolled through. If ‘in store’ is chosen, this will take you to inspirational photograph’s of the outfits, provided by asos. The user is then able to either upload the outfits onto social media (eventually when the app is established it will feature an outfit trending section), add it to their wish list or shop for the look.

By clicking on the (+) sign at the top left hand side, it reveals a drop-down navigation panel consisting of an Account, Alarm, Calendar and Wardrobe button. The account button is used when the user has ‘shopped the look’ and wishes to process the payment at the checkout (which is connected to their asos account). The alarm button is used to set an alarm for any particular time. The calendar button is used to bring up the list
of events from the smart-phone calendar (for users wishing to plan outfits in advance). The wardrobe button takes the user to an ‘at home’ virtual wardrobe and a ‘wish list’. The virtual wardrobe consists of everything they have previously bought from asos, as well as having the option to upload pictures of other clothing they own. The ‘wish list’ wardrobe consists of all the items the user has ‘added to their wish list’. The wardrobe also allows
the user to search what other users are loving and search hash tags for different occasions and weather forecasts (they can decide whether they want an open or private account).

What am I doing today? What is the weather going to be? What is the occasion? What can I wear? These questions can be solved within this one single app. Never get caught out by the weather again! What’s not to love?

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