“We Have It” – Ep1048. The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show presents Indie Music Videos from Around The World with 7 Indie Music Videos by International recording artists that will be featured on Television with a new York City distribution. Premiering April 4th in all five boroughs of New York City. Included in this episode are 2 Indie Music Video contest winners. Sponsored by Steel Notes Magazine and Bongo Boy Records and promoted by ReverbNation to 1.2 million musicians earlier this year. This episode will also be available on Go Indie TV Roku Channel this summer and 24/7 online on Bongo Boy TV’s web site. For the latest updates check out our facebook page .
A complete review by Michael McKenna will be published in Steel Notes Magazine and Nine4Five Magazine.

Starting this brand new episode is coming from a beauty in the back of a stretch limousine rolling down Hollywood Boulevard. It’s Isabel Rose, novelist, actress and screenwriter, cultural observer, and musician — and the multifaceted artist is back with her most accomplished album and most provocative video. “Never Satisfied” plays, simultaneously, as a celebration and a critique of our glamour-obsessed culture: in that honeyed voice of hers, Rose could be singing about a needy boyfriend, or showbiz and its relentless demands.— “Never Satisfied,” for instance, sounds like a mid-’60s classic composition, but it’s actually a recent composition by the New York jazz singer Bianca Mancinelli. Rose loves the sound of Kennedy-era pop and movie musicals, and along with Rock, she’s successfully applied that Technicolor aesthetic to songs both familiar and novel. So it’s no surprise that the clip for “Never Satisfied” begins with the flash of a paparazzo’s bulb. Music Video Director Steve Willis. Official Web Site: http://www.isabelrose.com https://www.facebook.com/IsabelRoseMusic

Next is the first winning music video is by Canadian born Palaye Royale a Fashion-Art Rock band, Fronted by Remington Leith, guitarist & organist Sebastian Danzig, and drummer Emerson Barrett . Their music video ‘Get Higher’ was independently released as a second single . Music Video Director: Harrison Sanborn – A Parliament and Palaye Royale Production. Official Web Site: http://palayeroyale.com/ http://www.facebook.com/palayeroyale

Second music video winner is Van Wild a Southern Blues-Rock-Pop musical project by half Canadian, half American singer-songwriter Yasmine Van Wilt. Her music video “Cherry Tree” placed in the radio chart at #64 on the Activator charts with MediaBase and the music video is also on 150+ stations and in closed circuit TV loop at a number of stores (Macy’s, Steve Madden American Eagle, etc) and hotels (Four Seasons, Caesar’s Palace, etc).
Official Web Site: http://www.musicbyvanwild.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yasmine-Van-Wilt/191494827570661 Music Video Director: Raquel Almazon

Originally from London, England and now in the Big Apple, Ozonna, with his video, “We Glow”, gives a rousing performance which inspires young people as he tells them, “No telling who we can be..” Music Video Director: Blake Farber http://www.ozonna.com

Swedish Celtic folk artist Deborah Henriksson is original from Morristown, New Jersey..Her latest music video “Calling” is from her new album “Traces”. The music video features beautiful shore lines with spiritual vocals.
Music Video Director: Mats Nyman
Official Web Site: http://www.deborahhenriksson.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deborahhenriksson

Up next is Rawboss a Texas Rap recording artist. His latest music video “Pieces” which features Jael Johnson . Rawboss raps about the world and changes he wishes would happen while trying to shake the street life that he can’t seem to escape. His goal is to be able to promote a positive message and spark minds both young and old as a social activist, along with having people fall in love with hip-hop all over again. He raps with every intention of becoming a household name and to someday be looked at as a role model in society. Music Video Director: Superior Dave
Official Web Site: http://www.officialrawboss.com/ https://www.facebook.com/officialrawboss

Returning to the show is Chicago recording artist Sarantos and his brand new music video “A Childs’ Mind” which is
for sure a creative peak for Sarantos. One of his finest songs we have featured on our TV show to date.
Music Video Director: Sarantos Official Web Site: http://www.melogia.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Sarantosmelogia

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