The objective of the Brazilian Valentine’s Day campaign, an important date for C&A fast shop sales, was to follow through on the brand’s new stance: a brand without labels, mixing it up through self-expression and a sense of acceptance. The first film, “WAKE UP,” marked the start of this completely new stance, unlike anything C&A had done before with the LOVELY AND ALL MIXED UP concept. The objective now was to make a new spot, following through on the massive success and impact of the first spot.
For this Brazilian Valentine’s Day spot, the target was men and women in the A, B, and C classes, ages 18-34. The spot was broadcast nationally on basic cable, cable, and online.
In this spot, we used the brand’s concept of MIXING IT UP, aligned with the date – Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in Brazil on June 12th. That’s why we changed the name of the holiday from “DIA DOS NAMORADOS” (Lovers’ Day) to “DIA DOS MISTURADOS” (Mix it Up Day). The spot – set in a fictional hotel, where all the mixer-uppers stay – shows couples mixing it up by swapping clothes in an elevator, a phone booth, in a hallway, etc., taking advantage of the romantic date to show how the mixed-up outfits work and the results of the swap, always encouraging fashion sense and freedom of expression. The campaign was live for 20 days, through June 12th, and sparked a massive, unexpected controversy in Brazil. The head of an evangelical church was bothered by the sight of men wearing women’s clothes and called for a boycott of the brand – which led to an even larger reaction from the LGBT community, significantly boosting C&A sales on the 12th. The debate over the spot became a trending topic on Twitter.

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