We all love superheroes. After all, they are the ones we have been growing up looking up to. The 90’s kids, who are in their mid-twenties now, always dreams of superheroes when there is a big problem going around.

Why? I will ask you “why not?” to be honest these heroes are the ones, who have filled us with extra guts and super extra courage. They have taught us to never give up. They have taught us to always stick to the right.

If we think deeply, we have learned a lot from them. Gotham city has always been related to our own city. Or the country. Because we have started relating. And this habit of relating has also started from a very first stage of our life.

But where do all these come from? DCU and MCU. Tell me the truth, whenever we talk about superheroes do these two name come to your mind or not? For most people, these two come first.

Then come those fans, who start to fight. Fight over what? Marvel or DC? Which ones better? Which superheroes have got more power? Even sometimes we start fighting on who will win over whom? Well, let’s not wait for the next crossover.

Why not just find some comparison for ourselves? I know that is what exactly you are looking for. Otherwise, why checking this article? but if you were just scrolling through, do not stop. You may continue.

Now, we will move forward and share our comparison. Let’s see how much it matches with you.



>>Catwoman vs. Black Cat

They both have some cat type abilities. You can guess it from the name obviously. Being alike at the skills, they have got the difference and also some similarities.

Similarities or differences? Which ones come first? Here we have a mixture.

If we look at the background and history. They come off totally different families and had lead different lifestyles. Our DC hero, Selina Kyle, known as cat woman went through hardship in childhood and has grown up being a thief and learning martial arts and boxing. Where black cat from Marvel was the daughter of a famous cat burglar. But her life changes after getting raped at a party.

They both have mastered the art of theft, martial art, and athletics. The differences in abilities are the DC lady has, is an expert at disguise and sneaking in, just like a cat. Where the Marvel one is a cool gymnast.

>>Captain America vs. Wonder Woman

Woo! Here comes a different comparison. People who have very fewer similarities but still can be compared. Maybe you already know how or why.

Yes, yes. You have been guessing it right. They both have their super protector. Shield. Well, it is obviously not the S.H.I.E.L.D. It is their personal “shields”, which have got superpowers in it.

These shields are both used as protector weapons. Wonder woman is a founding member of DC’s justice league. Captain America is a marvel superhero whose real name is Steve Rogers and he first appears in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The shield of Captain is made of “Vibranium” and perfectly shaped to be thrown on the target and come back to the thrower. It can be easily used as both for attack and defense. The shield of wonder woman is a magical shield, which, is used not only to protect her, also as an attacking weapon. It is made with super durability.

>>Aquaman vs. Namor

Aquaman is also a member of “Justice League” of DC comics. He is a hybrid of human-Atlantean species and the ruler of Atlantis. Where Namor is a mutant of Atlantis, the mythical sea, who belongs to the Homo Mermanus race and possesses aquatic ability too.

As a ruler of the whole aqua system, Aquaman can control the whole sea and also exist on the earth. Thus he helps in maintaining peace in both the sea and land with his political and physical abilities. In the same way, Namor can be in both water and on lands. They both have the Amphibious Atlantean physiology. Which gives them super speed, super stamina, and super strength. Yet in the Dc vs Marvel comic, the king beats Marvel’s first mutant, Namor.

>>Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

Green Arrow is a DC superhero who is seen in the series Arrow. He actually fights using his ability of archery and martial art. Hawkeye is a Marvel superhero, also an archer, who first appeared as a villain in Marvel’s “Tales of Suspense”. Hawkeye is the alter ego of Clinton Francis > Clint Barton.

Oliver Queen, the son of Millionaires, the former CEO of “Queen Consolidate” and the Mayor of “Star City”, is Green Arrow. On the other hand, Hawkeye is a regular “super-soldier”.

Both of these heroes have mastered archery and that is their main ability. Hawkeye also possesses the power of turning nearly projectile elements into weapons. He is known as the best Marksman of the world, in the fiction, of course.  Now the super talented, super feasible DC archer has got a weakness too. If he has more darkness than light, inside him, then he will start being beneficial to the enemies, not to his allies.

>>Quicksilver vs. Flash

Quicksilver and Flash, they both have super speed. The real name of Flash is Barry Allen. And Quicksilver’s real name is Peter Maximoff. He is a Homo Superior mutant. He is also the brother of the Scarlet Witch. They were first seen in the movie, X-Men 4. Flash was first seen in the Flash Comic.

As said before, these two has super speed, and this speed is the base and source of a lot more. They both have superhuman stamina, reflexes, and agility.

The speed force lets Barry Allen absorb enemies forces. He and Peter, both are the very source of their speed. Peters body can reach the highest speed it needs.

Above all these, Quicksilver can see everything around the world in a slow motion as he is moving comparatively fast. And his system lets his energy to be used at best and wasted at least.

Well, there are so much more to compare among all these and more superheroes. MCU and DCU are like those big rivers, whose branches flow here and there and meet each other at really surprising points. But these, I hope shows the super-focused comparison of super-similar 5v5.