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Your fashion portfolio is a daunting and overwhelming task, and my goal with these critiques (and my book) is to give you ideas, inspiration and support to make the process a little easier.

I’ll share things I like, where I think there is room for improvement, and what I think is missing. My comments are my opinion only, but I hope you find the advice helpful and can apply it to your own work!


Jasmine is working hard to land her first job in the fashion industry, and with her permission, I’m doing a critique of her fashion design portfolio.

You can check out her portfolio here:


I’m a freelance fashion designer with over a decade of experience working professionally in the industry. I love sharing my knowledge, and have a library of 100+ free tutorials on Illustrator, tech packs, and more. I also host an industry podcast that takes you behind the scenes to give you real life advice on how to make it in fashion.

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