Huba Barat’s latest fashion-short for German Designer Nina Athanasiou.

“Fashion Junkies” cast wears Nina Athanasiou´s unique style in the dark and mysterious setting of drug addicts. Desperately stumbling through New York´s shabby locations they search for their next fashion fix. Finally they find redemption in Athanasiou´s creations.

Shot in New York, the film catches the city´s corrosive beauty and underlines it with Alvin Scott Barnhill´s dark, edgy music.

The Film has won at the Oslo Trend Film Festival 2015 in following Categories: Best Fashion Film, Best Plot, Best Model/Actor and Best Music.

STARRING: Melanie Gaydos, Diandra Forrest, Elliot Sailors Santos-Coy, Shaun Ross, Alvin Scott Barnhill, James Gallagher, Brett David and Illmatic Scream.

Directed by Huba Barat
Director of Photography: Pat Calderwood
Lighting Design: Art Davies
Editor: Denis Marx
Music: Alvin Barnhill
Wardrobe: Nina Athanasiou

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