A select group of elite, ambitious young fashion & beauty bloggers reveal the struggles and successes of their glamorous, sexy and chaotic lives as they attempt to build business empires with little more than their iPhones and some moxy.

Simply by showing the average women how to get the latest runway and celebrity trends and bring it into their lifestyle on their budget, these bloggers have been able to create social networks with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, tens of millions of unique hits and KLOUT™ scores that rival that of Ashton Kutcher.

As they report from the front row at Fashion Week to the Red Carpet… or from Lady Gaga’s perfume launch to Angelina Jolie’s eyebrow salon, the lives of these bloggers often intersect. Recently a few of them have come together to create an exclusive blogger’s group where they socialize and share secrets. Some of them have developed real friendships — others only “virtual” ones, as it becomes clear that these frugal fashionistas are frequently competing for the same stories, the same sponsors and sometimes… even for the same men.

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“You’ll never be fashionably late again!”

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