You are invited to preview the private screening of our latest creation – the fashion film ‘IMPULSE’, is a collaboration with Parisian fashion designer – Nicolas Andreas Taralis in occassion of the inauguration of NN Studio in February 2015. When Elvin Feng, The fashion filmmaker behind HOMOGENIC, set his sights on the designer’s work, was particularly inspired by the unique blend of futuristic architecture and postmodern silhouette. Starring the brace-faced runway model Dim Solomakha, Nicolas Andreas Taralis and his spring/summer 15 men’s collection, IMPULSE was shot entirely at NN studio Shanghai.

CHANNEL ViE presents ‘IMPULSE’, a short film by Elvin Feng featuring Nicolas Andreas Taralis spring/summer 15 men’s collection.

Cinematic Format: 21:9, 1080P
Duration: 2’10″
Official Release: 29 June 2015

导演 Film Director:Elvin Feng
制片人 Executive Producer:Leo Huang
艺术总监 Art Director: Elvin Feng
电影摄影 Cinematography: Xia Mu
服装造型 Styling: Nicolas Andreas Taralis
妆发设计 Hair & Makeup Artist:Ming Zhang
模特 Model: Dim Solomakha from BYS model agency
后期制作 Post Production: VIE23 London Studio, UK
合作媒体 Associate Media: YOUKU, VIMEO
鸣谢 Courtesy of: NN, Maria Luisa Paris

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微信 VIE23FashionCuration

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